Why You Should Try Text Messaging for your Business

SMS messages might have come into play a long time ago (1992), but they haven’t changed much since then. The fundamentals of using them remain pretty the same even today, only that they have gotten more popular than ever, even penetrating businesses! Therefore, if you’re already, here is why you might want to incorporate text messaging tonto your business’ operations:

Has High Open Rates

Most people will probably open their text messages within the first 15 minutes of reception. This, according to experts, gives SMS marketing a 98% open rate, making it a viable choice of directly communicating to your audience. Plus, this means time-critical messages will get to the recipient right on time for the necessary anticipated actions.

Take for example when you have a program change in your local church, you can use a texting service for churches to reach out to the congregation to avoid any inconveniences. It’s also the best way to invite people to events near them or send reminders.

Enhances Data Collection

Since most SMS surveys tend to be short, most people are likely to respond. So, if you’re operating on a tight budget, you can still use text messaging to effectively manage your online reputation. Getting unbiased customer feedback is the best way to receive and implement useful insights for the better interest of all involved parties. The best time to send feedback messages to your clients is immediately after offering them services, as they’re likely to quickly respond and be genuine.

Improves Brand Loyalty

Nowadays, you don’t have to call your customers to know how they’re doing or offer after-sale services. The best and most convenient way is text messaging them so that they can read your content whenever they’re free. This will also help you create customized messages that guarantee results. For example, personalized messages with special deals and promotions will make your customers feel special.

Plus, you can also send them special messages on their birthdays to make them feel valued.

Boosts your Social Media Growth

If used well, SMS messaging can significantly help increase your social media following. Sending messages with a clear CTA that leads them to your social media pages will encourage them to follow your page, and engage you in various ways, including sharing your content. Also, customers can leave you reviews, which will encourage more people to sign up for your services or buy your products.

Easy Data Monitoring

Remember, since you will be using text messaging as part of your marketing strategies, you need to keep track of the data to help you boost the success of your campaigns. And since your customers will only have an option of clicking on links, it’s easy to know when they do or disregard, and maintain or change strategy.