Best Things to Have Delivered to Your Girlfriend at Work

Fruit baskets have gone the way of the rotary dial telephone in today’s holiday gift-giving scene. There is so much more out there for those who love food. Try some of these options below for great gifts that friends and loved ones will really appreciate.

Fruit Arrangements

Edible fruit arrangements take fruit to a whole new level. Goodies like tropical mangoes, papayas and pineapple are cut into different shapes. Strawberries and bananas dipped in chocolate are situated beside reindeer and melon wedges. All are tucked neatly into a sleigh with a big bow. Christmas trees, snowmen and stars are cut from fruit and arranged in pretty baskets, tins and gift boxes. These gifts are wrapped and delivered, eliminating that stress from your list.

Snack Boxes

Noshers will enjoy dipping into nuts, aged cheeses, smoked meats and a variety of mustards. Choose snacks from around the world. Options like gluten-free, paleo and vegan make it easy to find something for everyone. A subscription for a monthly snack box is a great way to give friends a gift that comes once a month or bi-weekly. Some packages let you customize how many snacks you want, what price range and delivery options, too.


For serious meat lovers give the gift of steak or pork chops. Even desserts can be ordered online from several companies known for their meat delivered to your recipient’s address.

This gift is perfect for those who like to cook or grill at home. The packages usually include a side-dish like twice-baked potatoes. Customize your package for the number of people in the family (usually 2 or 4) and add on any optional products you like.

Meal Delivery Services

To really impress your food-loving friends, think about subscribing them to a meal delivery service. Fresh ingredients arrive pre-measured and chopped, ready for the cooks in your life to enjoy. Step-by-step instructions help them prepare quality meals in a variety of options. Choose from vegan, gourmet, gluten-free and even ethnic options for your friends.

Food gift subscriptions are wonderful for a college student who lives on ramen noodles or newlyweds who are just learning to cook. They are also great for those who love to sample different dishes and try new recipes.

Homemade Gifts

Homemade gifts always bring a little special feeling to the recipient. Instead of giving the now-cliched gifts like hot cocoa in a reindeer mug, think of gifts like infused salts and vinegar, homemade vanilla seasoning made with the finest bourbon, or coffee liqueurs.

Food Lover’s Travel Gifts

Weekend trips in Wine Country or tickets to a barbecue cook-off and chili-tasting are great gift ideas. Travel and food always go together! Farm Stays are also an up-and-coming travel trend among foodies. People stay on working farms and experience cheese making, cooking, or working in the garden. Most of the time, the food made or collected is part of an amazing evening meal.