Tips on finding a live-in nanny

Though the prospect of having a live-in nanny is undoubtedly enticing, many parents are reluctant to welcome a stranger into their home and family. While this fear isn’t baseless, there are numerous ways you can find a live-in nanny who’s dependable, honest, and trustworthy. Below are some expert tips on how to find a live-in nanny who suits your wants and needs.

Conduct Research

It’s ill-advised to settle on the first candidate you come across. In order to find a live-in nanny who’s a perfect fit for your family, extensive research is warranted. Reach out to friends, family, and fellow parents for referrals, and don’t be afraid to explore online options either. There are countless sites that streamline the process for you, making it a breeze to find a potential nanny.

Schedule An Interview

While you may have found contenders who sound good on paper, an in-person interview will shed light on their true colors. What’s more, it’ll give you a chance to delve deeper into their capabilities and experience. Unfortunately, some parents are so eager to find a live-in nanny that they overlook this critical stage of the process. Those who opt not to conduct an interview are liable to wind up with a nanny who’s ill-suited for their family.

Check References

The importance of this suggestion can’t be stressed enough. After all, the proof is in the pudding. If a prospective candidate doesn’t offer references, this is a glaring red flag. What’s more, if their previous employers suggest that they’re unfit for the job, it’s in your best interest to heed these words. Though it may seem harsh to judge someone based on past experiences, you can’t take any chances when it comes to your beloved children.

Identify Your Needs

The only surefire way to find a live-in nanny who you see eye to eye with is to establish your priorities; that way, you two can align interests. After discussing your expectations, give them a feel for your parenting style. You’ll be able to tell immediately if the two of you don’t mesh.

Introduce Your Kids Into The Equation

Your opinion is of paramount importance, but if your kids don’t warm up to them, it’s a no-go. With that said, allow the nanny to spend some time with them. For added peace of mind, watch from the sidelines to ensure that things go smoothly. If you approve of the way they interact with your kiddos, they’re a shoo-in.

When it comes to your precious kids, you want to provide them with nothing less than the best. This notion rings especially true when it comes to who watches over them. If you’re attempting to find a live-in nanny who cares for, values, and respects your family, consider the above suggestions during the hiring process.