How to Cast a Spell for Good Luck

Ever heard an old saying “If I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck at all”. There have been spells in life that this saying has been so true. So, this is a great time that a good luck spell can be so handy. You have the power, but do you have the know-how?

Good Luck Charms

Look for a small item that “speaks” to you in a pleasant way. This item must be something that you can carry around that will stay with you. It can be an item you wear or carry, and is not irritating.

Cleanse the item by surrounding it with salt and letting it sit under the moonlight to release any negative energy or spooky attachments. Next, find a spot that you feel some positive energy and relaxes you. Light a candle.

Clear your mind and emotions of any negativity. Close your eyes as you picture yourself in a place that brings you joy. Hold the object in your hand, close your eyes, and see yourself holding the object while sunlight surrounds it in your place of joy. Be receptive to the good luck the object is going to bring. Ask for the luck to come to you easily, and in a perfect way for you.

Carry this charm with you at all times. Sleep with it beside your bed, better yet, under your pillow. Whenever you feel the need for some good luck, rub the charm or blow on it to ramp up working its magic. Good luck!

Get The Kind Of Luck You Need

Sometimes you just need a lucky break, or you have fallen “head over heels” for a special person, but not sure what to do about it? Do you have dreams of winning the lottery, or receiving an inheritance from an unknown relative? Maybe a lucky “push” in the right direction can make those dreams a reality.

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